A Game of Equals

Autor: irony_rocks
Title: A Game of Equals
Fandom: Doctor Who 
Rating: mature. Warnings for sexual content and violence. character death.
Pairing(s): River/Eleventh Doctor; background Amy/Rory, Mickey/Martha. Nine/Rose UST.
Summary: AU. He’s a seasoned double-o with a penchant for deep blue aston martins and high-tech screwdrivers. She’s a former jewel thief imprisoned for a murder she says she didn’t commit. When she escapes from prison to help him track down the stolen crown jewels, they’ll find they have a lot more in common than expected.
Wordcount: 94k total. 

My thoughts: I read it some time ago and I loved it. the plot is really good and the James Bond AU idea is just brilliant. When you read it you just think: this character could be great as…and then the character is it (okay I don’t think I get what I wanted to express myself). There is much angst and it’s not really funny. But a great and fast story full of action, friendship and bullets.

1/2 points out of 10