the reaction of the fandom…


which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime,
and falling in at night. I miss you like hell.

#oh god all i can see here is john thinking he’s seen sherlock #in a crowded airport terminal about two years after he ‘dies’ #and he isn’t sure but it just looks so much like him that he wants to ask if that’s his name #if after all this time he was alive #but then the man walks forward quickly but not in the way sherlock used to #there’s everything alien about this man except #a certain familiarless #john takes a deep breath and goes home to an empty alien apartment that doesn’t even have the space to remind him of sherlock



Molly, can I give you all the hugs?

#one of the great things about this scene #was that john KNEW that Sherlock never apologizes #and I mean really apologizes #for anything #EVER #so he was very suprised that Sherlock was genuinely sorry he hurt Molly and knew that it was a rare moment #also this scene was probably the sweetest and cutest scene in the whole damn world and I acutally had to pause it and awwwww a bit becaus… #Sherlock has a heart #he just doesn’t want to admit it #and this is just one of the thousands of reasons I love this show more than anything

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